On any given Friday the 13th is a good time to do a Good Luck Spell

There is Lucky Energy that is hidden within every Friday the 13th that’s the reason why I started this blog on this Day!

And as we all know a Witches Coven has 13 Members

So let’s activate all that Magickal Lucky Energy so you can create your very own reality ~ begin to mold your life and learn to focus your WillPower towards achieving those much desired goals


This Spell is performed on any Friday the 13th


1 Green Candle

3 Drops Peppermint Oil

Pin for Carving

First focus on what you want to bring into your life think about it

Sometimes it seems as though Good Luck is something totally beyond our control some have it and some don’t

But there’s a lot more to Good Luck than meets the eye

This Good Luck Energy Spell will align you with those connections that put us in the right place at the right time where Good Luck awaits us

Take the Green Candle between the palms of your hands cradle it with your Energy while you focus on your desire of Good Luck

Send that Energy from your Mind down your Arms into your Hands so that it will settle into the Green Candle

Once accomplished take the Pin and carve your name into the Candle also carve into the Candle any type of Good Luck symbols that relate to your desire

With the Peppermint Oil anoint the Candle from the bottom upwards thinking about what you want to enter into your life

Place the Candle in a holder preparing the wick to be lit

SAY: as you light the wick

A day of 13 bring to me good luck

A pebble to find in my pocket to tuck

Light my way a flame of candle green

Bring to me my vision of good luck I have seen

Challenges a wise council and a full moon on a path that guides me

Hear my words know my mind as superstition begins to set me free

Allow the Candle to burn for 33 minutes by hourglass afterwards snuff the flame out and at anytime you feel the need to enhance the Spell just repeat the Method using the same Green Candle as the Spell will be Conjured within it for you

When the Candle has cooled down after it has been snuffed out place it in a green cloth in a Secret Place and do not let anyone handle it but you

Oh…as for that Pebble that you recited in the Spell

Within the next 3 days from whence the Spell was Cast you will find a Pebble upon the ground…make it your Lucky Charm!

Happy Friday the Thirteenth

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