May I grow in passion of strength and will

Tonight I place myself beneath the Full Moon’s Energy of Light

I summon you now…

By the Powers that have been bestowed upon me

From the stillness and the silence and the cold night’s air I hold on to this point of nothingness for a moment

Detached from the World

I begin to imagine the Energy from above connecting with me

I hold on tight…

Expell all outside influences

So pure uninterrupted power can flow to my soul

I embark on a journey unknown

Until my peace of mind is restored

And then I give the Moon a hug!

9558780939a2e67839019257de4b20a7 (1).jpg


We gathered together last night to talk about this glorious and last Full Moon of 2019

December’s Long Nights Moon

But something felt quite a bit off as we Witches kept reading about a Full Moon in Gemini

So as usual we got out the Olde Dusty Book with the yellow brittle pages to do some research

Witches go by different aspects of the Moon than Astrologers

Witches need to know {{it’s a must}} exactly where the Moon is and physically what Zodiac Sign the Moon is in to use its Power and Energy

As I will make this brief…

The Moon went into Void of Course at 12:12am today {12 December}

Void of Course is when the Moon begins to travel out of one Zodiac Sign but has not yet reached its destination

During Void of Course… No Magick

We must wait til the Moon arrives at its new Zodiac Sign or its destination

Today 12th of December at 6:23pm the Full Moon enters Cancer ~ EST

Fresh Vibrant Cancer is the Energy we will be using for all Spells ~ Rituals ~ Magick during this Full Moon in December

images (27)~2.jpeg


There just might be a night full of delightful surprises

One will become desirable during this Full Moon time in Cancer and who by the way just may promise a Great Deal

A touch of a deep almost primitive sensuality

Nature throbs with the full-blooded lust of desire




To seek sensation

In the way you




Is breathless…

Time to dazzle the company you are with

Pleasing and Be Pleased

…of course

As long as you find it useful!


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