13th of FRIDAY

Enchanted Animals and Evil Spells

Can be a very scary road to be on to those who don’t know their way

You will be able to fly as you wish without aid of anything else than your mind

Practice and have No Fear

Don’t give up your chance of adventure

You will be granted safe passage

A place where strange things happen where those Magickal Creatures have mesmerize humans for Centuries


On any given 13th of Friday get one White Candle and one Black Candle

Carve with a Locust Honey Thorn into the White Candle a Blessing you would like to receive

Carve a Word of Banish into the Black Candle

This can be for you or someone you know

Focus deeply when you are carving into both Candles

Who is it for

Why are you doing this

Accomplish the end results

Light the Wicks

Allow both Candles to burn themselves out down to their Wicks on any given 13th of Friday

giphy (1).gif


It is a place of Danger and WitchCraft a scary road indeed…

A Mysterious Place beyond which most normal people will never travel!

Happy ♠ Friday ♠ 13th


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