On any given Friday the 13th is a good time to do a Good Luck Spell

There is Lucky Energy that is hidden within every Friday the 13th that’s the reason why I started this blog on this Day!

And as we all know a Witches Coven has 13 Members

So let’s activate all that Magickal Lucky Energy so you can create your very own reality ~ begin to mold your life and learn to focus your WillPower towards achieving those much desired goals


This Spell is performed on any Friday the 13th


1 Green Candle

3 Drops Peppermint Oil

Pin for Carving

First focus on what you want to bring into your life think about it

Sometimes it seems as though Good Luck is something totally beyond our control some have it and some don’t

But there’s a lot more to Good Luck than meets the eye

This Good Luck Energy Spell will align you with those connections that put us in the right place at the right time where Good Luck awaits us

Take the Green Candle between the palms of your hands cradle it with your Energy while you focus on your desire of Good Luck

Send that Energy from your Mind down your Arms into your Hands so that it will settle into the Green Candle

Once accomplished take the Pin and carve your name into the Candle also carve into the Candle any type of Good Luck symbols that relate to your desire

With the Peppermint Oil anoint the Candle from the bottom upwards thinking about what you want to enter into your life

Place the Candle in a holder preparing the wick to be lit

SAY: as you light the wick

A day of 13 bring to me good luck

A pebble to find in my pocket to tuck

Light my way a flame of candle green

Bring to me my vision of good luck I have seen

Challenges a wise council and a full moon on a path that guides me

Hear my words know my mind as superstition begins to set me free

Allow the Candle to burn for 33 minutes by hourglass afterwards snuff the flame out and at anytime you feel the need to enhance the Spell just repeat the Method using the same Green Candle as the Spell will be Conjured within it for you

When the Candle has cooled down after it has been snuffed out place it in a green cloth in a Secret Place and do not let anyone handle it but you

Oh…as for that Pebble that you recited in the Spell

Within the next 3 days from whence the Spell was Cast you will find a Pebble upon the ground…make it your Lucky Charm!

Happy Friday the Thirteenth

13th of FRIDAY

Enchanted Animals and Evil Spells

Can be a very scary road to be on to those who don’t know their way

You will be able to fly as you wish without aid of anything else than your mind

Practice and have No Fear

Don’t give up your chance of adventure

You will be granted safe passage

A place where strange things happen where those Magickal Creatures have mesmerize humans for Centuries


On any given 13th of Friday get one White Candle and one Black Candle

Carve with a Locust Honey Thorn into the White Candle a Blessing you would like to receive

Carve a Word of Banish into the Black Candle

This can be for you or someone you know

Focus deeply when you are carving into both Candles

Who is it for

Why are you doing this

Accomplish the end results

Light the Wicks

Allow both Candles to burn themselves out down to their Wicks on any given 13th of Friday

giphy (1).gif


It is a place of Danger and WitchCraft a scary road indeed…

A Mysterious Place beyond which most normal people will never travel!

Happy β™  Friday β™  13th




May I grow in passion of strength and will

Tonight I place myself beneath the Full Moon’s Energy of Light

I summon you now…

By the Powers that have been bestowed upon me

From the stillness and the silence and the cold night’s air I hold on to this point of nothingness for a moment

Detached from the World

I begin to imagine the Energy from above connecting with me

I hold on tight…

Expell all outside influences

So pure uninterrupted power can flow to my soul

I embark on a journey unknown

Until my peace of mind is restored

And then I give the Moon a hug!

9558780939a2e67839019257de4b20a7 (1).jpg


We gathered together last night to talk about this glorious and last Full Moon of 2019

December’s Long Nights Moon

But something felt quite a bit off as we Witches kept reading about a Full Moon in Gemini

So as usual we got out the Olde Dusty Book with the yellow brittle pages to do some research

Witches go by different aspects of the Moon than Astrologers

Witches need to know {{it’s a must}} exactly where the Moon is and physically what Zodiac Sign the Moon is in to use its Power and Energy

As I will make this brief…

The Moon went into Void of Course at 12:12am today {12 December}

Void of Course is when the Moon begins to travel out of one Zodiac Sign but has not yet reached its destination

During Void of Course… No Magick

We must wait til the Moon arrives at its new Zodiac Sign or its destination

Today 12th of December at 6:23pm the Full Moon enters Cancer ~ EST

Fresh Vibrant Cancer is the Energy we will be using for all Spells ~ Rituals ~ Magick during this Full Moon in December

images (27)~2.jpeg


There just might be a night full of delightful surprises

One will become desirable during this Full Moon time in Cancer and who by the way just may promise a Great Deal

A touch of a deep almost primitive sensuality

Nature throbs with the full-blooded lust of desire




To seek sensation

In the way you




Is breathless…

Time to dazzle the company you are with

Pleasing and Be Pleased

…of course

As long as you find it useful!




Let’s begin to build our magickal muscles

First your potential can be fulfilled once you honor your true potential by calling forth the divine aspect within yourself

Summon that divine energy

It will raise everything to another level

Add to that those very effective ingredients that hold magickal properties or energies







Everything under the Sun and Moon has a Zodiac Sign just like you and me

This gives the ingredients character

Align that with your method intent and moon phase

Then tap into their Spiritual Vibrations that the ingredients contain will help you to create the specific effect you are looking for


Ingredients are keys to unlock and direct your will

Internal Power

I’m asked by others why didn’t my Spell work?

This is the reason I give to them

If something doesn’t work it is because you have chosen a Spell with ingredients that your subconscious will does not respond to or ingredients that do not really match your desired goal

One Secret to Magickal Success…

And may I add a very simple and logical one

Is to use what you are intuitively drawn to

If the Spell does not work you may want to analyze your feelings around this particular request or your approach to it


It dawned on her that she was deeply afraid of success so she did a Spell to Banish that Fear!




Aloe Leaf


Ginger Root


Black Silk Cloth

Red Thread

Orange Thread


Take the Black Silk Cloth and sew the ingredients into it using the Red and Orange Threads


Aloe: to soothe fear and phobias

Paprika: love and courage

Ginger Root: fearless

Tumeric: purifying drives out all obstacles

Black Silk Cloth: banish absorb fear and negativity

Red Thread: action and energy

Orange Thread: opens channels and success

Once you learn what each item or ingredient represents that you are going to use in your SpellWork you can then activate your willpower around that energy that lies within each ingredient to blend it all together into success

Carry this pouch with you to overcome fear of success for as long as you need to





Thanks to the Witches for all their well preserved and Secretly Recorded Magickal Lore








Luckily these Witches got around more than anyone realized and spread their Words of Conjure

While using some very simple and easily found ingredients like


Mandrake Root


Set alone or combined to create some wild magickal craving

I offer up to you these Spells in gratitude to those Witches who have come and gone before us and those who are still working in the Oldest Profession… WitchCraft



This Spell Conjures distinction and recognition

Use it to make people sit up and take notice the minute you walk into a room

This Spell is Conjured only on a Sunday during a Waxing Moon

At this time you will make a Talisman


Whole Chestnut

Lime Peel

Piece of Gold Colored Silk

Chestnut is Ruled by the Sun to establish fame ~ glory ~ attention

Lime Peel is associated with Power

Silk: success and wealth

At Sunset in the center of the Silk Cloth place the Chestnut and Lime

Follow your Intention of what you want to accomplish by doing this

Tie up the ends of the Silk Cloth to trap in the Chestnut and Lime inside

The next day allow the Silk Cloth to sit in a Sunny WindowSill to absorb the Sun’s Energy

Then upon your next gathering carry the Talisman with you to make a lasting impression

images (11)~2.jpeg


The hand is a symbol of power ~ protection ~ luck ~ divinity ~ good fortune

Someone’s life can be seen in the lines of the hand

Superstition and Fear

Birth and Death

Health and Longevity

Wealth and Prosperity

Love and Hate

Witches believe that Magickal Power can be stolen through the hands

Some very real Handshaking Taboos still exist today

Remember…your handshake is your signature

This Spell is done in the morning before you begin your day before you leave your home

Rub a pinch of Coarse Sea Salt vigorously between the palms to protect your power and strength without any risk of losing it

Perform this alone doing it in front of anyone will weaken its power

Also keep handy in your purse ~ pocket ~ brief case etc some Salt in a small vial bottle or whatever you have handy at home to contain it in and just before you go into a business meeting etc slip away for the moment and follow the method once again to

Empower your Hands to draw to yourself more self confidence and more power so you will always be the one secretly in charge

Oh and P.S. yes men ~ business men ~ gentlemen you too can use a pinch of salt between the palms of your hands to draw in even more power ~ success ~ wealth through protection




The first foray into Dark Magick is learning how to tap into the ether of the Night for inspiration

For Witches its just almost impossible to not feel what the Darkness possesses

The current of the Night has always been there

The power of the Dark has always existed waiting to be tapped

Cursing is as Olde as humanity and has been well versed to the Witch

With the concentration of hate and the creative use of malevolent Energy we can restore Peace of Mind to ourselves

When to use Dark Magick to Curse how to Curse are Vital like all Magickal Arts this requires sensitivity and practice

images (27)~2.jpeg

The Magickal operations She performs are complete with Dancing backwards as the Dark of the Night becomes Her sensual friend

She doesn’t stand inside the Circle afraid of the Left Hand Path

She boils a cup of steaming Brew

As Her enemies are washed away banished to some certain place She has in mind

They tend to fear this Practitioner as She never fears the negative consequences of Dark Magick

Within the hidden nature of Her sinister Craft She achieves the motion of the body and the mind towards a higher perception of Her forbidden Path

Believing in Herself rather than something higher than Herself

Like the torrent of a violent storm She becomes the very poison no one is willing to drink

The Sorcerer who aligns Her Will with the left way are given Powers over the Earth in one way or another


Her feminine yet horrific and loving is all within the same breath

Hell’s Dark Mistress

Clay burns with blackened flames Her spirit lifts up to dance in twisted widdershins forms

The body and the shadow and the light are complete

She feels no sympathy for the Cursed

It is an ending…

But no one should ever underestimate Her power of Intention it is Her Will that drives Her

Intention and Will is what is required to gain happiness and wealth as well as revenge and harm

Words and Thoughts are powerful and together create bad and good Intentions

Witches do sometimes have the temptation for things that are harmful and focus on how to achieve their goals in the Shadows

Casting a Curse is not evil if you have a solid reason for doing so

Curse…and walk away

Any person you Curse can rebound on your ferocity

Don’t be afraid to explore the Mysteries of Dark Magick

Learn and Discover how to activate the part of your mind that’s in time with the unseen Energy of the Universe

…as She opens the Gates of the Underworld the Demons become Her kin β™ 




The Pine Tree warms the Home

It protects the Home from illness and negative energy then it surrounds the Home with positive vibrations

To draw in






The Witch knows that the Pine Tree embodies a Spirit and once discovered what the Pine Tree symbolizes it will awaken Her Magickal Powers

Under The Magick Tree Holiday Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Free Shipping in the USA




5 Packs ~ 4 Incense ~ 1 Resin

Merry Mint Incense: purple ~ burn for wisdom ~ increase power ~ personal protection ~ summon spirits

Candy Cane Incense: red ~ burn for love ~ passion ~ sex ~ courage ~ energy

Pine Tree Incense: dark green/red/pine needles ~ bewitchingnewjersey’s own special and magickal blend of incense with a touch of real pine needles ~ burn to cleanse a space ~ healing ~ peace ~ gain strength ~ money ~Β  luck


GingerBread House: tan ~ burn to bring into your home tranquility and blessings ~ especially good to burn during the new year to start it off on a good path

Frankincense and Myrrh Resin: these are known as holy fragrances ~ to help the sick ~ purify ~ bless ~ sacred resin ~Β  balance ~ self-healing ~ wisdom ~ uplifting the spirit

The Packs come in a drawstring Charm Bag ~ Holiday Special $10



6 Candles 3 Witches Herbs

Orange Candle: joy ~ attraction ~ artistic

Purple Candle: wisdom ~ power ~ protection

Yellow Candle: success ~ inspiration ~ creativity

White Candle: purity ~ truth ~ spirituality

Pink Candle: friendship ~ leadership ~ femininity

Blue Candle: health ~ peace ~ harmony in the home

Candles are 4in tall Stick Chime Candles which have a Magickal Spell Cast within each one just add to the Candle your very own special intention before you light the Wick

Witches Herbs

Rue: this herb is highly used and carried by most Italian Witches the Charm is called Cimaruta and is carried in the Witches pocket for protection ~ Rue is also one of the ingredients in 4 Thieves Vinegar ~ removes or casts curses jinx or the evil eye

Mandrake Root: a Witches must have for any Witches Pantry ~ it has always been entwined with WitchCraft ~ used to catch or keep a lover ~ protection spells ~ courage ~ against evil forces that you have come under attack with ~ love spells

Damiana: aphrodisiac ~ sex magick ~ lust and sensuality ~ intensify passion ~ a very sacred plant to any real Witch

Holiday Special while supplies last $10


Witches Black Salt Sprinkled with Star Dust

This is bewitchingnewjersey’s own Speciality which no one has ever been able to reproduce

It’s all ours…

Many have tried to figure out the Ingredients but have failed

Other have tried to guess at the Recipe but have also failed

Our Secret is safe within our Vaulted Cauldron

We also add a stir of fragrance because the Witches we know line their pockets with the Black Salt for Protection and one never knows when that moment will arrive that a pinch of Witches Black Salt will be needed to Cast a Merry Spell

So why not stir in a bit of a bewitching scent!

Now how did we do that? We’ll never tell

And the Star Dust brings the Spirits of the Heavens into our Workings for Greater Power

As an introduction offer to you we are selling the Witches Black Salt Sprinkled with Star Dust for only $7

The Black Salt comes in a 2.5in plastic vial bottle cork top that is reusable

It will arrive in a Black Velvet DrawString Charging Pouch

You can place a Piece of Jewelry or a Crystal in the Pouch to Charge or Re-Charge its Energy Power and Strength

So your SpellWork is successful






I keep within myself a variety of different feelings it seems to grow at its own pace

It shows to me joy and happiness as well as sorrow and grief

From this my truth is unveiled

I have tried to capture it so I may control my own euphoria but it alludes me every time

Somewhere I offer a baneful smile

My Soul yearns to be unfolded from the twine of life so to run free

Whispers send me greetings and gifts

One Look One Touch One Breath

And real life once again takes me over

I can’t seem to predict the next move the Stars have in store for me

I just begin to visualize it arriving

Things wild and unforeseeable guide my way

I Cast a Spell and release a Secret

An inner desire has pulled me in this direction

From all of this the mysteries comes out to show themselves to me

And then finally I get it…

To Thine Own Self Be True ❀


“NAUGHTY” πŸŽ…christmas spells


To Warn You Ahead Of Time…

These Spells are truly a bit “naughty” but as any real Witch knows there’s nothing wrong with doing a little Magick to get what you want especially during the Season of Magick

As facts be known that’s the reason we perform Spells

To get what we want

Some might consider these Spells to be manipulative

Others could say they’re very controlling

While those modern day Witches just might tell a story of how the Spells could infringe on another’s free will

I say…

These are Spells to Perform and Cast so you can use your Magickal Talents to the best of your sexual ability

They Invoke more of a risk

They are Powerful and Exciting

They are filled with Lust and Storm

But of course the choice is always yours…



The mixture of body fluids contains a powerful energy that can increase the potency of any Spell of Love or Prosperity


a Talisman

an Amulet

a Piece of Jewelry

Or what item you wish to Charge

Sexual Fluids


Engage in sexual intercourse with your partner

Make sure you are both in agreement about doing this Magickal Spell and the Intention you both wish for

Set the mood your style

It shall become hot lusty wild

Focus that sexual energy on your Intention

When you’ve finished collect a small amount of your mixed fluids and smear a little on the item you are Charging

As you do this envision your Personal Power activating the Item so that it resonates with your Creative Energy



We’ve joined our bodies in this Rite

To give this Magick Charm great might

Charged by Passions glorious Fire

It brings us now our Heart’s desire


Store the Magick Charm in a safe place or if you like you can display it where you’ll see it often … until your dreams materialize

images (39).jpeg


When a suitable partner isn’t available or wanted this Spell taps into your own creative energy to attract prosperity


None Required

Sex Toys Optional





Is the Key to Success with this Spell

Keep your Mind clearly fixed on your objective on what money/wealth you want to achieve and don’t allow other fantasies to intrude into your thoughts

Engage in self-stimulation for as long as you like

Use the sex toys if you have chosen to incorporate them into this Spell

At the moment of orgasm visualize paper money flowing toward you from all directions until it forms a soft comforter around you and you visualize yourself rolling in money

Keep this going for as long or short as you need to

Relax with it and enjoy yourself


The Naughty Christmas Spells are Cast during a small window in Time

They begin at 12:01 am on December 21st Yule/Winter Solstice

Through Christmas Day December 25th that ends before Cock Crow December 26th

You’ll have plenty of time to shop for any Ingredients you may need

Happy πŸŽ„ Yule


“NICE”πŸŽ… christmas spells

images (33)

Magick is all in the mind

Before something can materialize in the physical world somebody first has to imagine it

Create a mental image of the results you intend to produce then fuel it with your will and emotions

So be careful what you ask for!

I took some time today to look through my many journals and came across a couple of Christmas Time Spells you just might be interested in Casting

Keep in mind that these Spells are done only between 12:01am on December 21st at the Yule/Winter Solstice

Through Christmas December 25th just before Cocks Crow on December 26th

Otherwise write them down in your journal or your Book of Shadows and keep them safe till next year

You’ll have plenty of time to get the Ingredients handy to Bewitch that someone special this Holiday Season



Tap into the Energies of the plant kingdom to help you attract the right person into your life


a Circle of red silk cloth 6in in diameter

a Pink ribbon 6in long

2 red rose petals

2 raspberry leaves

2 myrtle flowers

2 apple seeds

a Piece of paper

a Pen with red ink


On the piece of paper write

This charm brings me a lover who is right for me in every way

Fold the paper 3x

Take the red silk cloth and place all the plants in the center along with the paper

Tie up the ends of the cloth to make a pouch containing all the Ingredients

Tie 6 knots in the ribbon and repeat your intention aloud each time you tie a knot ~ tie it to the top of the pouch

Carry the Love Charm in your pocket or purse during the day and put it under your pillow at night until your wish comes true

original (1).jpg


Use this sweet scented potion on your skin and pulse points to sweeten a relationship with your beloved


2oz almond oil

2 dried red rose petals crushed

1/8 teaspoon honey

1/2 teaspoon apple cider

2 drops jasmine essential oil

Red glass bottle or jar with lid


Blend all ingredients together and pour the mixture into the red glass bottle

Set the bottle on a windowsill where the Moon can shine on it and leave it there overnight

Place a drop of Love Potion on your heart and wrists each morning

You’ll send out loving vibrations with each heart beat ❀ to sweeten your love

Happy β›„ Winter β›„ Solstice





images (33)


When you do a Spell you activate your own creative Energy and blend it with the Energies embodied by the Ingredients that you use in the Spell


Like plants ~ gemstones ~ oils ~ candles ~ herbs and spices!


In order to shape an outcome


Mold the Energy through the use of Spells ~ Rituals and other Magickal Practices to create your own Reality


We walk through Life doing Magick all the time whether or not you realize it


The important thing is to be aware of your thoughts ~ emotions ~ actions and use your Magickal Power with clear intent so you can produce the results you truly desire



Bewitchingnewjersey’s very own special and magickal blend of oils stirred widdershins underneath a firey cauldron to keep your Kit Kat protected and safe from harm


To use just stroke your Kats back thrice then dab a bit of the Potion on your fingertip and gently rub behind both your Kats ears while you think about keeping your Kat in a safe place


The Grimalkin Protection Potion comes in a glass perfume bottle that is reusable once the Potion is finishedΒ  $13




11 Packs of what a Witch needs everyday for Spells and Rituals


Our very own preparations that we are second to none in our making and gathering process


No one and I repeat no one can match bewtichingnewjersey’s Witches Black Salt Sprinkled with Star Dust



Witches Black Salt

Witches Pink Salt

Red Salt

Orange Salt

Green Money Salt

Blue Salt

EggShell Powder

Red Brick Dust

Hot Foot Powder

Magick BrimStone

GraveYard Dirt

Sprinkled into a 2in x 3in ziploc bag

Comes in a 5x7in mesh drawstring pouch with fresh sprigs of Pine and a Silver Metal Pentagram Charm that’s around the size of a dime which can be use as a necklace for you or your KatΒ  $20



For all your Spell Writing needs


Be quite the talk of the town using this very Witchy item (if you dare)


Pen has black ink ~ about 8in long ~ comes in 2 colors of green or orange ~ and arrives in a magickal gift box $10female-open-red-christmas-gift-box-golden-ray-magic-light-bokeh-background-101869510


To purchase:

PayPal.com and type in our email



Any Questions… Just Ask!


Happy πŸŽ„ Holidays



67618933-halloween-sexy-witch-girl-in-hat-beautiful-naked-woman-in-witches-hat-with-pumpkin.jpgHAPPY HALLOWEEN

13038826-sexy-dirty-nude-witch-with-broom-and-lighting-pumpking-posing-over-dak-background-1.jpgHAPPY SAMHAIN

dd3b9f75362d75d345fdf1a383fd526e-1.jpgFROM bewitchingnewjersey


67618476-halloween-sexy-witch-girl-in-hat-beautiful-naked-woman-in-witches-hat-with-pumpkin.jpgTRICK or TREAT…boys πŸ’‹

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